Japan, Singapore, Brunei

Overseas // May-June, 2017
Japan, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam

This trip made my heart so happy! From picking green tea leaves in Sayama, to visiting the remote island of Borneo and exploring the lush city of Singapore - this was quite the adventure. It was filled with interesting cityscapes, delicious food, gracious hosts, and most importantly time with dear family. Here are a few shots from this special time.  

Wonders of the Oregon Coast

Wonders of the Oregon Coast // Summer 2015
Newport, Oregon

Newport happens to be my favorite place on earth. It's a place I've visited since childhood with family and friends alike. It's a little beach town that has always provided me with a deep sense of comfort and happiness. I can never pinpoint exactly what I love most - perhaps it's a mixture of the salty air, calm beaches, grubby seafood, kitschy Old Town, and the barking sea lions. Or maybe my love stems from the many memories of going to the Oregon Coast Aquarium where I spent countless hours starring and smiling at Keiko; or the time spent gathering beach treasures and discovering curious life forms in tide pools.

I have visited, explored, and shared Newport with so many people in my life. Countless nights have been spent watching less than mediocre movies with my mamma, playing endless card games with relatives and international guests, and chatting with dear friends over home-cooked meals and wine. I've celebrated Easter, the Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving at the beach, and have relentlessly banged pots and pans with my grandparents on New Year's Eve while humming Imagine by John Lennon. 

I have decided to share a few recent photographs of this special place. I plan to take many more, and continue to cherish the relationship that's formed between my life and this little beach town.

Charming Countryside Austrian Wedding

Barbara & Manfred // September 6, 2014
Wallfahrtskirche Maria Schnee, Seckauer Hochalm, Austria

It was a day full of adventure... hiking in the fog, vows in an old mountain-top church, and dancing into the wee hours of the morning. Barbara & Manfred's wedding was such a privilege to photograph. In traditional Austrian attire, an intimate group of close friends and family met in the morning for coffee and cake, before departing towards the near-by mountain. Equipped with hiking sticks & a bag full of snacks & schnapps, we set out. The rain and fog didn't stop us as we passed through cow-filled pastures, chatted with each other, and exchanged excited smiles. As we warmed up with hot rum-spiked tea, Barbara changed into her beautiful traditional wedding gown and the wooden pews of the church filled. The ceremony: intimate, spirited, refreshingly genuine. Flowers were thrown, folk music was sung, and wine glasses were raised! 

In the evening, festivities continued with a delicious four-course meal, a lively traditional band, enthusiastic dancing, and as according to custom- a stolen bride! In Austria, it is common for someone in the wedding party to "steal the bride" and take her to another location. While the groom searched for her, wine bottles were popped & songs were sung. The "second party" continued until the groom eventually found her, the maid of honor picked up the bill, and all the wedding guests reunited to continue on with the party. Barbara & Manfred's wedding day was certainly one I'll never forget. Such a gorgeous celebration filled with such spirit & happiness!