Relaxed Chic Wedding Reception

Stephanie & Bernhard // September 12, 2014
Graz, Austria

Stephanie and Bernhard, two dear Austrian friends, decided to tie the knot in a beautiful and less-ordinary fashion. The two rented a gorgeous retro bus to pick up their attendants on the city's main square. After boarding the bus, we were all given a bag of goodies, & were told that we would be driving to an unknown location to meet the bride and groom. About 25 minutes into the journey, we spotted the two having a picnic under a tree on the side of the road. We picked them up, drove a bit further, and picked up another woman, who jumped on board. Before we knew it, the woman had started in with the intimate ceremony. Stephanie and Bernhard were married right then and there, exchanging rings with each other, and their sweet two year old daughter. 

I had the honor of photographing their wedding reception, located in a champagne bar within the hip, up-and-coming art district of Graz. The evening was relaxed and personal, just the way they had imagined it. We enjoyed a delicious meal, lots of laughter, and a night of celebrating into the wee hours of the night!

Charming Countryside Austrian Wedding

Barbara & Manfred // September 6, 2014
Wallfahrtskirche Maria Schnee, Seckauer Hochalm, Austria

It was a day full of adventure... hiking in the fog, vows in an old mountain-top church, and dancing into the wee hours of the morning. Barbara & Manfred's wedding was such a privilege to photograph. In traditional Austrian attire, an intimate group of close friends and family met in the morning for coffee and cake, before departing towards the near-by mountain. Equipped with hiking sticks & a bag full of snacks & schnapps, we set out. The rain and fog didn't stop us as we passed through cow-filled pastures, chatted with each other, and exchanged excited smiles. As we warmed up with hot rum-spiked tea, Barbara changed into her beautiful traditional wedding gown and the wooden pews of the church filled. The ceremony: intimate, spirited, refreshingly genuine. Flowers were thrown, folk music was sung, and wine glasses were raised! 

In the evening, festivities continued with a delicious four-course meal, a lively traditional band, enthusiastic dancing, and as according to custom- a stolen bride! In Austria, it is common for someone in the wedding party to "steal the bride" and take her to another location. While the groom searched for her, wine bottles were popped & songs were sung. The "second party" continued until the groom eventually found her, the maid of honor picked up the bill, and all the wedding guests reunited to continue on with the party. Barbara & Manfred's wedding day was certainly one I'll never forget. Such a gorgeous celebration filled with such spirit & happiness!